Once you make your float up to the sky, 

I will think of you with the sunrise. 

Empowerment hits like dominoes, 

And I know you pushed the first one. 

As a joke or a lesson, 

You always were the trickster. 

I will sit in my car,

With the sun causing the heat to rise.

And I will think of you, 

And all you are doing on the other side. “

Contact: trinity@talesoftrinity.com

The Roswell Return

“Go where you are celebrated” Carlsbad Caverns I had mixed feelings about going to the Caverns. I knew I needed to, but the last trip ended as I was on my way to them. Ended by my Mother having a heart attack. My body could feel this trauma as I considered what would bring me…

Bonus Post: Solo Travel Feels

I have a big network of people. This isn’t a brag, it is just a fact. So it makes sense that at least a few times a month, I get tagged in a social media post about solo traveling. Inevitably, there are always comments about how scary it is to solo travel, and these are…

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