Esoteric Consumption

A lifetime of interest and study, and a conscious effort to walk the walk, has landed me in a position to help others on a spiritual level.

This page is still in progress, much like our lives.

Feel free to reach out for:
-Tarot Readings
-Astrology Readings
-Personalized Horoscopes (1 week at a time)
-Numerology Readings
-Guided Crystal Meditation
-Chakra Readings/healing
-Attachment Cleansing
-Dream deciphering
-Intuitive Guidance

Contact for more info on pricing
**Currently offering discounted readings in exchange for testimonials or trades. All prices are on a sliding scale**

Payments handled through Venmo

  My Story:
My interest in the esoteric began at a very young age, inspired by: Unity worship, astrology books, herbalism/holistic care, family lineage, and the delicious consumption of book after book. I’ve studied astrology, herbalism, dream meaning, spirit communication and tarot for the longest (since childhood, pre 10-years of age), with newer interests in chakra, numerology, palmistry, and cleansings (all for the better part of the last decade). While I am baptized Lutheran (by choice), no religion can encompass my beliefs and intuitions about spirituality.

Some hands on experience includes: flyering and arranging alters for a psychic in SF, reading tarot at a shop in Santa Cruz, and independently reading and offering cleansings with a friend in college.

I’ve given readings to friends and family members, and to some strangers. I’ve seen people heed the info, and others reject it, and all of it is part of that individual’s unique journey. My goal is to help the other reach their own conclusions. 

How it works: while I believe in the energy all around us (think “tension so thick you can cut it with a knife”), I also believe that personal readings are more or less a guided meditation meant to help individuals get in touch with their own truths. I’m extremely empathetic and sensitive, and that largely plays a role as to why I am able to help facilitate this particular healing. No future is set in stone, no personality is completely fixed, and no truth is without perspective. Getting in touch with your own truth means getting in touch with the energy and lessons you are emitting and seeking. It is up to you to use this knowledge to best suit your situation. I am simply here to facilitate. 


“I have had many amazing spiritual reading from the gifted Trinity. As Someone who is very interested in the esoteric ad spiritual aspects of life, its so awe-inspiring to receive such a reading from someone as connected to the Creator and the universe as she is. With every reading, Trinity has helped me to better understand every part of myself and the inner workings of the universe, past, present, and future. If there is anyone you can trust to deliver an accurate reading, Trinity is your gal!”
-Simone B., multiple forms of readings

“I was having a hard time around friends and coworkers. Whatever they would say I would take personally & it was so negative. I was spiraling down into a depression. Trinity recommended meditations and corresponding crystals to hold in my hand to ward off the negativity. Her suggestion helped me immensely, while meditating I could feel the negative cloud leave my body. Astounding, thanks to Trinity I am more balanced.”
-Stephanie V., on guided crystal meditation


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