Today is the day. I am leaving. This journey begins. My CRV is loaded with everything I will need for all seasons, hopefully for all situations. I am nervous and figuring out distractions so I don’t think too much about the anxiety I associate with this. It’s pretty difficult to write and not think about the same thing, though. Silly me 🙂

Some things I’m bringing:
-Clothing (and shoes)
-Tent/sleeping bag
-Food (mostly snacks, dried fruit, nuts, nut butters, protein powders, and packaged goods)
-8 gallons of water with a pump (it’s my “sink”)
-Camping stove with cooking utensils
-Make up (for days I want to be in society)
-Gym bag (with all shower stuff)
-School Stuff
-Tarot Cards, cards, crystals, smudge sticks, a few books
-Some safety measures (intentionally vague)
-AAA travel guides
-Maps and an atlas

The items I’m bringing took months of planning and figuring out–I wanted to be prepared. I even bought a top-of-the-car bag to hold my winter clothing for when I reach the colder states late September.

So here I am, 3PM, ready to leave. I’m leaving later in the day because I wanted to leave relaxed, with my fur babies well set up, after a good night’s rest. Leaving this late means adjusting my itinerary, and being prepared to take the adventure as it comes.

In a few days from now, I will hopefully have slept in 2 different states, and will have some interesting stories to share. If there is anything you are curious about specifically (what people are like in each state, how the hiking, how it is sleeping outside, etc..) please feel free to leave it in the comment section or send an e-mail off! Having contact with my internet community will help me feel like I’m still part of a community while living this nomadicly, so any question or suggestion is much appreciated!

And if you have spotify, I’m open to playlists. Thank you in advance.

A yummy “See ya later” treat with some lovely ladies.



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Esoteric, philosophical, heartfelt, slightly crazy. It all works together to create this human. The name: derived from past-life regressions, tuned into something more than the earth our feet dance upon. The goal: to go beyond the fleshy prison cells that prevent us from truly seeing one another.

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  1. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to hear about your travels. I’ll send you our driving playlist for markets 😉


      1. Done ❤️ Hahaha that playlist is amazing. Can’t wait for you to be like “YESSS” every time a new song comes on


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